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    Imma frame this.

    Frame one for me, Iโ€™d pay good money for this artwork.

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    Saul Williams Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 < Peep how Saul controls this interview!!!


    I love Saul Williamsโ€™ life yoโ€ฆ




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    poppin up on racists like

    Black tumblr be like

    Heard you was talkin shit.

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  5. Anonymous said: What did you think about the whole Kony thing in 2012?

    The fact that it came out of no where with a ridiculous amount of hits in an alleged organic, grassroots movement raised my eyebrows.
    Then obviously it being financed by white folks raised more eyebrows.
    Then the propaganda vids and such were well put together, a little too good.
    Then I researched the people that were effected and the consensus was the whole Kony era was old news.
    So it appeared to be a false flag propaganda tool to approve US or UN intervention in Africa.
    I feel for the innocent people terrorized by Kony and his regime, but the US and the UN only intervene when they can get something out of the conflict.
    I concluded with my research it was a false flag creation to give Western Powers a reason to invade the territory.


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    All those killed in the current Gaza crisis

    This chart from the Washington Post shows every person who has died in the current escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as of July 21. Even though the tolls have tragically risen to at least 639 Palestinian and 31 Israeli deaths โ€” meaning that 147 Palestinians and four Israelis have died in the past two days of fighting โ€” what this chart still clearly shows is that the lionโ€™s share of the casualties were Palestinian civilians. According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rightsโ€™ data, more than 25% of them were children.

    And it will probably continue

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  7. More Po-lice fuckery.


  8. Protect the queens at all cost!


  9. Black Boys and Black Men murdered by Po-lice (part 3)


  10. Black Boys and Black Men murdered by Po-lice (part 2)